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From small businesses to large companies, XFreight has earned the trust of manufacturers and distributors across the nations as freight broker consistently providing practical, cost-effective logistics, shipping and transport, and logistics solutions in Sioux Falls that help clients meet their biggest challenges.

XFreight was established in 1999 with a vision to provide extraordinary transportation solutions and a commitment to provide uncompromising service. Since that time, the company has grown not only in size, but in capabilities, incorporating the latest technology and communications systems in the office and on the road to ensure customers are provided the best and most cost-effective solutions available in the marketplace today.

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Rey is originally from California, and lives in Sioux Falls, SD with his wife.  

Rey spent time in the military and has driven truck for decades.  He has been with X-Trux and his truck owner Truk- Way Leasing since January of 2012.

Thank you for being a safe driver!

Congratulations Rey!

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Sioux Falls Truck Driver of the Year

From the first person you meet when you walk through the door at our Sioux Falls office to the driver you meet on the dock, everyone at XFreight is committed to providing effective transportation logistics solutions for our clients.

When calls are received, our dispatch coordinator takes the time to talk with customers to determine the best way to move forward and sends customers to the person best qualified to help. From that point forward, we coordinate all aspects of your transportation logistics situation and follow up until your shipment reaches its destination.

With satellite tracking capabilities in all of our 53’ Air Ride Logistics Vans, we are able to locate your loads every step of the way. 

Sioux Falls Truck Driver of the Year

Sioux FAllS Driver of the Year 2018 — 2nd Place

with xfreight

Larry is a Sioux Falls, SD, and enjoys spending his time off with his grandchildren

Larry has been involved in the trucking industry the majority of his adult life, he has been with X-Trux since 2012 as a truck owner and employee of Truk-Way Leasing.

Thank you for for working here at X-Trux.

Congratulations Larry!


Mark is from Stickney, SD, where he lives with his wife.

Marks spent his first career in the military.  He has been with us and his truck owner, Schreiner Trucking, since April of 2009.

Mark is one of our Million Mile Drivers and received our Driver of the Year award in 2010, 2013, and 2015.  In addition, he has always been among our top safety award winners.

Congratulations, Mark!​

Sioux falls Driver of the year 2018 — 3rd Place


our team


SIOUX FALLS TRUCK Driver of the year 2018 — 1st place

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