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Sioux Falls Trucking Jobs


Diversified Network of LTL CARRIERS

We contract with a broad network of LTL carriers nationwide to ensure you get the best transportation solution and the best price regardless of the origin and destination of your shipment. Due to the heavy volume of LTL shipments we handle daily, we can pass our favorable pricing on to you.   Now we offer our customers access to our TMS for rating.  Please contact us to give you access to this exciting product.

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Delivering Excellence Beyond Borders

You need transportation logistics solutions at a competitive price, without sacrificing the service and efficiencies essential to getting your shipment securely to its destination. At XLinx, we’re committed to excellence every mile along they way.

• Full-service freight brokerage
• Domestic and international
• Serving manufacturing & distribution industries
• Client-focused Service

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We live and work in an ever-shrinking world in which importing and exporting goods across borders is commonplace. Developed supply lines, clear communication and uncompromised commitment to client satisfaction remove the barriers that address the international transportation challenges and ensure your success. As a U.S. Customs Bonded Carrier, we have built strong relationships with reputable freight forwarders and U.S. Customs brokers to ensure you get the best service and on-time delivery of every international shipment.

From Pickup to Delivery

Shipping truckload freight should be easy. Our team of energetic problem-solvers makes it that way. Contact us to get started.



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If your shipment is too large to fit LTL, we automatically ship it as partial on a truckload carrier at a lower rate. Committed to the satisfaction of our clients, we will always find a practical and price-conscious solution.

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